Saint Gargantua and Jean-Louis Page from Chinon in Paris

Saint Gargantua

Every second thursday of september, the winemakers from Chinon celebrate the Saint Gargantua day. This feast was inspired by the exuberant character created by Rabelais, the famous 16th writter from Chinon. Thus, the 12 of september, the winemakers from the King’s Valley will come to Paris and present their Cabernet Franc that «clarify mind and comprehension, calm down anger, cast out sadness and gives joy and happiness».

Hachette 2014

Jean-Louis Page from the Domaine du Puy Rigault will be in the typical french bistrot La Midinette, located in Paris’ most romantic place : Montmartre.

He will present two red wines that have been selected in the Guide Hachette 2014 : Cuvée Tradition 2011 and Vieilles Vignes 2011.


 Jean-Louis Page’s wineyard is situated on a small hill called « Puy », which gave the name of the Domaine du Puy Rigault in 1945. He made two nice cuvées. First, the Tradition 2011, which ripe fruits bouquet is very expressive and give also freshness sensations. The mouth is clear and direct, completed by fine tannins. This wine is a typical Chinon.

sainte Muare de touraine

Pairing Tip : Goat Cheese
Sainte Maure de Touraine


The Cuvée Vieilles Vignes is matured in oak barrel Vieilles vignesfor 10 to 12 months.

Its nose combines cherry fruitstone and undergrowth, palate is harmonious and well balanced by a supple tannin structure.

queues de boeuf

Pairing tip from La Midinette :
Beef cheeks and oxtail in crock pot

Domaine du Puy Rigault
37420 Savigny-En-Véron
+33 2 4758 9692

La Midinette
2 rue Robert Planquette
75018 Paris
+33 1 4254 4070