Fabien Dauvissat brings new blood in Chablis

Four years ago, Fabien Dauvissat, 29 years old and son of Jean Dauvissat, took charge of the Estate and he decided to bottle the wine which was sold in bulk to wine merchant until then. His way of working is organic and environmental oriented. Only copper, sulpher and no fertilizer or weed killer in the vines.

cereal vineyard

After harvest, different kind of weeds or cereals are planted to have the soil covered during winter and prevent erosion of the vines. Roots’ cereals also air the soil. In april/may, cereals are cut and burried into the ground to feed the vine.

The vineyard covers 22 ha on 49 parcels ; Petit-Chablis, Chablis & Chablis 1er Cru. Each parcel is converted into wine independantly from the others so that the terroirs can reveal themselves. This is also why work on wine in the cellar is minimum ; let the terroir speak !


Fabien’s first steps in the Estate have been a success since his work has been rewarded in the wine industry by both non professionals and professionals. The Cuvée Clos du Léchet Premier Cru 2011 was rewarded with the Gold Medal in Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2013 ; and the 2012 vintage was rewarded with the Gold Medal in the 2014 Concours Général Agricole de Paris.

Fabien Dauvissat trophee jeune talent
In november 2013, Fabien was given the best young talent trophy of Chablis appellation from the burgundian professional jury ; and he comments: « I was of course very happy for that but i want to emphasize that it is a collective trophy.

“It rewards those who initiated the Estate, my grandfather, my grandmother, my father and also all the people who work or worked with us ».

Chablis 1er cru cote de lechet


Côtes de Léchet Premier Cru

Léchet hill is facing south east and overlooks Milly village. Its 38% slope and its very poor and pebbly soil produce low yields and a very mineral wine : Chablis essence. Mouth combines strong floral and flint flavours. It pairs very well with grilled seafood.


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By Christian Bowers from www.austinfoodjournal.com