We can’t wait for 2015!

What an awesome year has just ended! We are so glad to work with our partners, customers and winemakers. These are fully passionate about making the best wines of their area.

Before the new announcements, let’s have a look over the past year.red-wine-asia-japan-bottle-of-wine-cork

2014 represents the success of our meetings in Japan. Our wines are now distributed across the country. We are really proud of this because Japanese people are known for their extensive knowledge of wine.

We are convinced that wine is all about sharing and meetings. The past year, we have continued to organise some days where winemakers come to visit their customers. Who is the best to present a wine than the one who made it?australia_flag_and_map_wine_label

2014 also represents the development of our company in Australia and New Zealand with a local agent living in Melbourne. We are convinced that it is the right time to propose wines from small wineries and little known grape varieties.

And, above all, the past year is marked by all our new customers in Paris who believe in our enthusiasm and our perception of the wine industry.

Thank you to all the amazing people we have met this year!

We will be pleased to meet you this year at the following events:

January 2015, Millésime Bio, Montpellier, FRANCE.
April 2015, “Talents des vignobles français”: Honk Kong the 13th, Taipei the 14th, Tokyo the 15th, Osaka the 16th, Seoul the 17th
June 2015, Vinexpo, Bordeaux, FRANCE

AND all the year long in Paris and Melbourne.

We wish you all the best for the New Year!