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Menard from Gascony meets Grace Chang in Taipei

Red wine is still dominating white wine consumption all around the world. If tradition and health matters are part of an explanation, this is not consistent from a sensorial point of view, as white wines offer such a wide range of different flavours ; one would say larger than red wines. White wines are far away better fitted for pairing meals ; from aperitives to desserts, from vegetables to fruits, from meats to seafood, from spices to cheeses! Sharp, fleshy, dry, sweet, flowery, mineral, fruity, one can enjoy many possibilities with white wines.

Grace Bodega in Taipei

Grace in her shop / Grace Bodega (智蕴酒藏)
No.352, Sec.4, Heping East Rd., Wen Shan Dist. Taipei 11655, Taiwan

Grace Chang is one of the white wines defenders and we can find a fine balanced white/red selection in her shop Grace Bodega in Taipei.
Her last crush for white wines comes from Domaine de Menard in Gascony. Colombard, Gros Manseng and Ugni Blanc grape varieties, typical from Côtes de Gascogne and Armagnac Appellations produce aromatic and fresh and friendly wines with citrus, passion fruit and pineapple notes in their white dry wines ; whereas sweet wines from Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng have peach, dry apricot and honey aromas.


Eight Nine Teppanyaki cooking Big Mushroom

Eight Nine Teppanyaki (八九本鐵板燒) and its Master Chef cooking Big Mushroom
No.279, Sec.2, Keelung Rd., Da-an Dist. Taipei


Here is Grace meal proposal for having taiwanese meal with Menard Cotes de Gascogne wines.
We were lucky to have it prepared for us and in front of us in the famous Eight Nine Teppanyaki restaurant !

Grace Menu :

Basil Beef Roll

Basil Beef Roll

Matsusaka Pig Meat Fried

Matsusaka Pig Meat Fried

Colombard Ugni Blanc

Colombard Ugni Blanc

Big Mushroom

Big Mushroom

Fresh Sea Fish

Fresh Sea Fish

Cuvée Marine Domaine de Mesnard

Cuvée Marine

Fried Stone Oyster

Fried Stone Oyster

Armagnac 1990 Domaine de Mesnard

Armagnac 1990









Gros Manseng

Gros Manseng



Fried Fresh Foie Gras

Fried Fresh Foie Gras

We can’t wait for 2015!

What an awesome year has just ended! We are so glad to work with our partners, customers and winemakers. These are fully passionate about making the best wines of their area.

Before the new announcements, let’s have a look over the past

2014 represents the success of our meetings in Japan. Our wines are now distributed across the country. We are really proud of this because Japanese people are known for their extensive knowledge of wine.

We are convinced that wine is all about sharing and meetings. The past year, we have continued to organise some days where winemakers come to visit their customers. Who is the best to present a wine than the one who made it?australia_flag_and_map_wine_label

2014 also represents the development of our company in Australia and New Zealand with a local agent living in Melbourne. We are convinced that it is the right time to propose wines from small wineries and little known grape varieties.

And, above all, the past year is marked by all our new customers in Paris who believe in our enthusiasm and our perception of the wine industry.

Thank you to all the amazing people we have met this year!

We will be pleased to meet you this year at the following events:

January 2015, Millésime Bio, Montpellier, FRANCE.
April 2015, “Talents des vignobles français”: Honk Kong the 13th, Taipei the 14th, Tokyo the 15th, Osaka the 16th, Seoul the 17th
June 2015, Vinexpo, Bordeaux, FRANCE

AND all the year long in Paris and Melbourne.

We wish you all the best for the New Year!

South West rehabilitates its oldest son Prunelard in Gaillac

For a long time, the South West wine region lived in Bordeaux’s shadow. While Bordeaux has developed wine trading for centuries with England and the Netherlands thanks to its geographic location on the Atlantic coast, the South West could only use its waterway which led to… Bordeaux !

South West Wines Map

This secondary role of being only a reserve when times were hard for Bordeaux and/or its offer needed to be complemented is now over. Over a past few decades, winegrowers from each terroir in the South West started to look for their identity through their ancestral culture and own particular nature. Local old grape varietal made easy the identification of each of the identities. Winemakers also began to produce less Merlot and Cabernet.

This is what makes the South West vineyard unique. Contrary to the other French vineyards for which unity is linked to their common grape varieties, South West is a patchwork of specific terroirs and appellations, all of them growing their own grape varieties. Malbec in Cahors, Negrette in Fronton, Tannat in Madiran, Braucol and Duras in Gaillac etc…

Prunelard reborn

Prunelard grape varietyThis re-discovering of local vine is still in progress. Prunelard Noir (or Prunelart) is the most recent red grape concerned. Absent in the old Gaillac AOC dating from 1970, Prunelard was close to extinction at the end of the 80’s because of its very low yield : it is very sensitive to flower abortion. However, the replant began in the early 90’s. In 2008, the total cultivated surface of Prunelard was 12 ha and it had been reintegrated within the new Gaillac AOP rules. The total cultivated surface is now more than 30 ha.

Prunelard is actually one the oldest grape varietals still living. It was already cultivated by the Romans to make an intense, fruity and colored wine. Its name comes from the french “Prune” (plum) because of the resemblance of the berries. Like its son Malbec (also called Cot), Prunelard is a coloring grape. It is indeed very rich in anthocyanins. And a non-intuitive property is that its concentration in tanins is low. Prunelard is also very resistant to oidium and rot because the berries are small. It thus requires nearly no treatment to the vine.

Wines made with Prunelard have purple glints in their colour. Their flavours are both spices and black wild or riped berries such as blackberries or prunes. A very amazing feature is the violet flower perfume.

The Cedric Carcenac Cuvée we introduce there is a 100% Prunelard, very fruity with a light structure and a nice final acidity. It is perfect in summer with tapas.

Prunelard 2013, Domaine Carcenac

Domaine Carcenac prunelard wine


Bresaola Ham recipe

Bresaola Ham

Chicken Yakitori

Chicken Yakitori

Etorki Sheep Cheese

Etorki Sheep Cheese

Delicate Sunshine: Muscat de Frontignan from Mas de Madame

White wine“I was no more than three years old when my father poured out my first full liquor glass of an amber-colored wine which sent up to him from the Midi where he was born: the muscat of Frontignan. Ray of sunshine, sensual shock, taste-buds enlightenment. I then fell in love with wine forever.”


Frontignan wine was the first muscat wine to become an AOC. It was in 1936. With a minimum of 110 g/l residual sugar, this wine is powerful but Guillaume Sourina, one the best wine growers in the area, knows how to make it elegant and delicate.

In the new Guide Hachette 2014, his vintage 2011 was the favourite of the jury and received 3 stars. On the occasion of this publication, we propose different meals that wonderfully pair with his wine.

Tasting note from Guide Hachette 2014

landscape mas de Madame« The landscape around Mas de Madame is a dream picture : 40 year’s old vines on hillsides overhang the mediterranean sea and its fine sandy beaches. 

 The old vines cultivated there give birth to an elegant Muscat with a golden colour and emerald glints.

Bouquet first offers sweet and delicate lilac aromas followed by peaches and pears in syrup flavours. The wine in palate is magnificently balanced between syrupy power and freshness (orange-lemmon notes) and then has a long and convincing finish. »


The very sweet and aromatic aspects of Muscat de Frontignan make it perfect with meals that are either sweet and delicate, such as pale flesh fruits or foie gras, or very strong in taste such as spices or blue cheeses. In the first case, it underlines the flavours of the meal. In the second case, the sweet aspect of the wine and the strong taste of the meal balance each other in mouth.

Mas de madame

 Curried Pork with Roasted Maple-Ginger Sweet Potatoes and Apples
Curried Pork with Roasted Maple-Ginger Sweet Potatoes and Apples
By Steeve from

Duck breasts with pineapple, chilli and soy
Duck breasts with pineapple, chilli and soy

By Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall from The Guardian

 Salad with pears, walnuts and Roquefort
Salad with pears, walnuts and Roquefort
By Bello from

 Entrement with Apricot, passion fruit and pistachio
Entremet with Apricot, passion fruit and pistachio

By Mercotte from

Le Mas de Madame
route de Montpellier

34110 Frontignan

Where to find Mas de Madame in Paris ?

In the “marché d’Aligre”, come and meet Sophie in her Languedoc wine shop.

La Jaja du Midi
21 rue D ALIGRE
75012 Paris
Ledru Rollin Metro, on line 8

Saint Gargantua and Jean-Louis Page from Chinon in Paris

Saint Gargantua

Every second thursday of september, the winemakers from Chinon celebrate the Saint Gargantua day. This feast was inspired by the exuberant character created by Rabelais, the famous 16th writter from Chinon. Thus, the 12 of september, the winemakers from the King’s Valley will come to Paris and present their Cabernet Franc that «clarify mind and comprehension, calm down anger, cast out sadness and gives joy and happiness».

Hachette 2014

Jean-Louis Page from the Domaine du Puy Rigault will be in the typical french bistrot La Midinette, located in Paris’ most romantic place : Montmartre.

He will present two red wines that have been selected in the Guide Hachette 2014 : Cuvée Tradition 2011 and Vieilles Vignes 2011.


 Jean-Louis Page’s wineyard is situated on a small hill called « Puy », which gave the name of the Domaine du Puy Rigault in 1945. He made two nice cuvées. First, the Tradition 2011, which ripe fruits bouquet is very expressive and give also freshness sensations. The mouth is clear and direct, completed by fine tannins. This wine is a typical Chinon.

sainte Muare de touraine

Pairing Tip : Goat Cheese
Sainte Maure de Touraine


The Cuvée Vieilles Vignes is matured in oak barrel Vieilles vignesfor 10 to 12 months.

Its nose combines cherry fruitstone and undergrowth, palate is harmonious and well balanced by a supple tannin structure.

queues de boeuf

Pairing tip from La Midinette :
Beef cheeks and oxtail in crock pot

Domaine du Puy Rigault
37420 Savigny-En-Véron
+33 2 4758 9692

La Midinette
2 rue Robert Planquette
75018 Paris
+33 1 4254 4070

Carcenac Gaillac Primeur

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2013 launching day: the 21th of November

Since 1978, Gaillac appellation produces its own primeur wine and introduces it every third Thursday of November. It is the only primeur wine from the south west of France.


bouteille primeur gaillac

50 winemakers produce 900 000 bottles which bottle model is the typical one from Gaillac.

This festive and user-friendly wine is meant to be drunk young, when they are at their freshest and fruitiest but it can last up to the next summer easily.



Gaillac primeur fermentationPrimeur wine vinification

It is elaborated from the unique Gamay grape variety.

Harvest is done by hand when when berries are fully mature. Bunches are then transported in small crates.

Those steps are necessary to insure a good carbonic maceration which lasts 4 to 5 days. This winemaking technique is done at a 28 to 30°C temperature which allows the aromatic power of the Gaillac Primeur.

 Let’s have a Carcenac Primeur Wine 

Gaillac primeur wine from Carcenac is available and you can book it for launching in November !

Please find out the technical sheet : Gaillac Primeur 2013